Some examples of works :


At Javea Construcciones, we don’t just build new homes, we also design interiors and can partner with you to create a home that works for your lifestyle. We are attentive to how you prioritize requirements, help you make the best early-stage decisions about your design choices and involve you throughout the design process.


Our new home plans and home improvement plans include the latest home layouts and design features, interior as well as exterior. We can also advise you on customised finishes, with special focus on materials and colour, and offer expert advice on home installations – energy source and efficiency, electricity and plumbing.

Our team of professional installers is committed to turning a basic space into a special one for our customers. That is why we offer you whole-home design projects, based on requirements, budget and usage.



Everyone has their own style.

Classic, modern, minimalist, coastal, rural, vintage … So many different interior decorating styles that can be combined to suit your needs, tastes and preferences. We work with professional independent designers attentive to detail and anxious to make our customers feel at home in their new home.



Why work with us?

Javea Construcciones offers hassle-free construction project management from budgeting to execution: estimate, project conception and creation, supervision, personalized advice, one-off decorating tips, construction documents (notably, the building licence) and handing over of the keys at project completion.


Our client-focused team is at your disposal if you have any queries or concerns during the building process.

Clients abroad are kept updated by our administrative office on standard and progress of the contract work, and receive photos on a weekly basis.